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My name is Andrea and I am a senior at AZVA.
I am horrible at this tumblr thing so far but I promise I'll get better :)

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foshizzle #funny

foshizzle #funny

#babygirl #8mnthold I love my daughter

#babygirl #8mnthold I love my daughter

barely get on here :/

had my baby. she’s amazing
going to try to get on here more



Rob Thomas and Carlos Santana :)

I <3 this song.

Ultrasound Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I get to find out if “Peanut” is a boy or girl :)

Im sooo excited! I hope I get to get a 3D ultrasound, to see what they look like ;)

Marilyn Monroe &lt;3

Marilyn Monroe <3

This movie due date, was retarded. lol

This movie due date, was retarded. lol

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18 weeks today.

Well I’m finally 18 weeks pregnant, Im feeling wayy better than I did earlier on in pregnancy. Im almost half way done lol. I feel my little peanut kick every once in a while. I wish it would happen more. :)pregnancy week by week

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